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4 Weeks of Taekwondo Trial for Teens

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Teens Martial Arts Program Trial

Academy / More Info: www.cedarmillmartialarts.com 

4 weeks of taekwondo classes at 2 classes/week. Best way to break the uniform in while your teenager will learn:

- taekwondo etiquette;

- first 3 basic stances; 

- self defense.

During the next 4 week trial your teenager will have the chance to make new friends with the same interest and work on:

- coordination & focus;

- discipline & leadership;

- kicking / blocking & self defense;

- real board breaking;

Our martial arts trials are the best opportunity for you to find out more about our program and make new friends. Our online taekwondo trials come with uniform and belt included. Pack up your enthusiasm and get ready to have some martial arts fun.

Our leadership program for teens is designed to give everyone an active martial arts workout while it empowers our teenage students to be more confident, courteous young leaders. 

On their Black Belt journey, our teenage students learn the basics of the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo and have the chance to become better athletes and better individuals. While they attend our martial arts classes, students have the chance to learn or improve basic skills like coordination, balance, agility, and self-control.

Let`s see you on the mat!